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  How people use Suncurves

I was excited to find your service. I am a wedding photographer and had a client asking what would be the best time for her wedding ceremony, in relation to the photographs we'd be doing after the ceremony. She wanted to be sure we had the best light possible for her bride and groom photos. The ceremony will take place just below a mountain top, where the sun can go "down" long before the actual sunset time. Your service was very helpful in determining the best time for my client's ceremony and photos, which is so important for photographers!

Melissa, Utah, USA

I used Suncurves to create a schedule for myself in 2015. My goal is to wake up "with the sun" each day to get my body’s circadian rhythm synchronized with daylight-based zeitgebers help me get better sleep. Suncurves tells me when the sun will get up tomorrow. So I set myself a bedtime alarm for visible sunrise minus 9 hours to ensure I am getting a solid 8 hours of sleep each night. Suncurves is helping me achieve my health goals!

Cameron, Colorado, USA

I am using SunCurves to assess the amount of sunlight a parcel of potential agricultural land has. The land has a slight slope and we are unsure if it will receive enough sunlight between April and August to grow crops.

Rafael, California, USA

I'm an amateur astronomer, I am trying to find a very accurate terrain profile for my city, useful to input that in an astronomy software and then be able to calculate the times at which the principal stars below the horizon will rise and set.

Mohammed, Gonbad-e Qābūs, Iran

  Why use Suncurves?

Are you selling a house in a sunny spot with marginal terrain or mountain shading effects? We can help you get a higher price for that house by documenting its sun index. Or if you're looking to buy a house, wouldn't you like to know its exact sunlight conditions throughout the year? We have developed a unique method to compute the accurate sunrise and sunset times for every day of the year. The sunrises and sunsets we compute are not the ones you would find elsewhere on the web, because other sites do not take the terrain into account. Our sunrise is when the sun goes up from behind mountains or hills in the east, not when it goes up over the level horizon. In mountainous regions that can make a huge difference. We also compute the monthly mean cloud cover based on satellite data.

  Our products

Location views

Suncurves location view

Our main product is the location view. It costs 25 Suncurves credits for each view that you create, but you get the first one free (because you get 25 credits as a welcome present). Later, you can get more credits with discounts of up to 50%. The location view shows you all there is to know about the sunrises and sunsets for a given location. Click below to see a demo.

Click for a demo

PDF Calendars

Suncurves PDF calendar demo

This picture shows a small sample of one of our calendars. The one shown here is for downtown Bergen, Norway, but you can get a calendar that's specific to your house, your cabin or any location around the world. Calendars cost 25 credits, and when you download a calendar, you get it in PDF format, ideal for printing.

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Sun Report (PDF)

Suncurves PDF sun report demo

Here's what the top part of our reports looks like. This one is for Erik's house in Bergen, Norway, but if you order one for your location of choice, you will of course get one that's specific to your house, your cabin or any location around the world. When you purchase a report (for 199 NOK, about 26 USD), you get it in PDF format, ideal for printing.

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